The Ballet Company $1 Million Contract and Your Work Ethic.
Can you answer some questions to show your work ethic and dedication? Can you imagine getting a $1 million contract from a ballet company? How would you perform?

How passionate are you about ballet and dancing in general?

How important is financial compensation to you in relation to pursuing your ballet career?

How motivated are you to continually improve your ballet skills and technique?

How disciplined are you when it comes to practicing and maintaining a rigorous training schedule?

How would you handle the pressure and demands of being part of a prestigious ballet company?

Are you open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism from choreographers and instructors to improve your performance?

How would you balance your personal life and commitments with the rigorous schedule and demands of being in a ballet company?

How committed are you to the art of ballet and willing to go above and beyond to excel in your craft?

What are your long-term goals as a ballet dancer, and how does this $1 million contract fit into those goals?

How do you handle setbacks and challenges in your dancing career?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire! Your answers will provide valuable insight into our commitment to pursuing a ballet career. 

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