Where does Mikhail Baryshnikov live?
The famous ballet dancer and actor has long built a house in the Dominican Republic and lives there at every opportunity. The artist himself hospitably talks about his love for this mansion and its history and often receives famous guests. And today, we will also visit Mikhail and his wife, Lisa Rinehart.

Mikhail and Liza built the mansion on their own, and it took a decent number of years to complete this. The couple bought some of the furniture in the Dominican Republic, and some was moved from their apartment in Leningrad in 1998.

Mikhail himself tells the story of the creation of the house with incredible warmth and awe. As in 1998, the designer Oscar de la Renta showed him Punta Cana for the first time and recommended the artist his own architect Ernesto Buch.

The facade of the house overlooks the ocean, and to heighten the effect, a large swimming pool was also built there. When viewed from a certain angle, the pool and the ocean merge into one. The spectacle is truly impressive.

The architecture of the house is striking in its authenticity. The general style of the building is reminiscent of Spanish country villas. Sand-colored facades, and bright terracotta tiles.

And inside the house is full of theatricality: arches, columns, vaults and a lot of textured stone.

The interior is tastefully furnished, and this house has an incredibly cozy atmosphere. Despite a large amount of stone (not marble), it is really warm in it (and the climate of the Dominican Republic has nothing to do with it).

Interior decoration is made in light colors. A light and warm sand shade prevails here (inspired by the proximity of the sandy beach), and there is also a lot of natural wood in contrasting shades.

The interior style is reminiscent of a mixture of oriental trends in design. On the walls you can find antique decorative items from Japan. The shutters on the windows look like they were brought straight from an African safari, and the wall sconces are made in the style of Chinese pagodas.

A lot of furniture was brought into this house from all over the world. During his bright career, Mikhail has traveled to many places, including New York. Furniture was partly bought there, as well as in Paris and St. Barth.

Mikhail Baryshnikov appreciates the history of his life and brings it bit by bit to his own environment. Each piece of furniture, each figurine, and table has its own story connected with the artist's life. He himself loves to remember the moments of life and is often nostalgic.

Mikhail has his own ballet studio in his own house. This is a full-fledged hall with a machine, finished with natural wood and with flying white curtains on the windows.

One of the most important rooms in the house is the living room. It has a balcony, which Mikhail calls "Juliet's own balcony." There is a lot of light and air in the room, and the sofa group in light colors takes the center stage.

A variety of textiles, of course, is responsible for the decor: blankets and colorful pillows, massive wooden tables, and soft poufs.

The incredibly detailed interior of the house is striking in its scale and thoughtfulness. It seems that every time the spouses come here they make some adjustments, renewing the feeling of life in the mansion. Definitely, such a dwelling deserves close attention, because it is saturated with the personal history and characters of the artist and his wife. And, despite the presence of many antiques, the house looks quite modern!

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