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The 36-year-old musician is only the second Black woman in the New York City Ballet's 74-year history to compose a score for the esteemed company.

It was a family affair for the Knowles family this past week when they showed up to support Solange Knowles' big night at the ballet.

In August, it was announced that the 36-year-old musician composed a ballet score for the New York City Ballet's annual Fall Fashion Gala at Lincoln Center on Sept. 28. She is only the second Black woman in the company's 74-year history to compose a score for the NYCB. Lido Pimienta was the first in 2021.

According to The Cut writer Emilia Petraca who was in the audience Wednesday night, Solange's big sister Beyoncé was in the house, as well as their mom, Tina Knowles-Lawson.

"There to cheer Solange on was her sister Beyoncé accompanied by family matriarch Ms. Tina Knowles-Lawson," Petraca wrote. "They slipped into the auditorium when the lights were down and slipped out right after, but when Solange took her bow, I’m pretty sure I saw their phones light up in a very cute 'you’re doing great, sweetie' moment."

On Friday, Sept. 30, Solange shared a sweet Instagram gallery of images celebrating her big night. In one pic, she is seen smiling with a large bouquet of flowers. In another, she is seen sandwiched between her mom and big sister.

Ms. Tina, Solange and Bey.
Ms. Tina, Solange and Bey.Solange Knowles / Instagram

In 2018, Solange told T Magazine as a young girl her "dream was to go to Julliard" for dance after seeing Lauren Anderson — a pioneering Black ballerina — perform with the Houston Ballet.

Pitchfork reviewer Michelle Hyun Kim points out the full-circle'ness of this moment. She writes, "Now with 'Play Time,' held just feet away from that famed performing arts school, Solange and her collaborators are proposing that unconventional perspectives could not only find a home there, but wriggle in with delight."

On Saturday, Oct. 1, Beyoncé shared a posted on Instagram honoring her Solange.

"My beloved sister, there are no words to express the pride and admiration I have for you," she wrote.

"You are a visionary and one of one," she also said, adding, "The piece you composed is phenomenal. I love you deep."

She concluded with: "Might I suggest you don’t f*** with my sis."

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