New Reward the hard work of your favorite dancers and artists.
A platform where artists and dancers can connect with their audience! Patrons can subscribe, tip, and support their favorite artists.

Our DancePatrons make an important contribution to dance work and help to fulfill dance art potential: from giving to dancers the best possible training and support to creating brave and challenging new work.

Are you an ARTIST OR DANCER looking for a way to let your fans support your hard work? Look no further - we have an entire platform to help you do that, hassle-free.

How it works for Artists.

Your supporters see you perform and decide to reward you for your hard work by paying a monthly subscription, as well as offering you invaluable feedback. In return, you get to keep doing what you love & offer them some extra perks!

Also, you can get a ton of tips from your most advocate fans.

How it works for Supporters.

Have a dancer or artist you admire? Now you can show them your well-appreciated support by subscribing to their page on our platform. Simply find their profile by searching their name, or click the subscription link that the artist has shared with you!


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