Ballet and Musical Theatre to spin dream web in Jamshedpur on April 22
Ballet and Musical Theatre to spin dream web in Jamshedpur on April 22 | Event News | The Avenue Mail

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Jamshedpur, April 21: The very mention of Ballet and Musical Theatre brings to mind the Mecca of this dream spinning form of expression, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow that opened its historic doors on January 18, 1825 to a whole new pattern of storytelling spun around dance movements a la floating clouds and mild breeze in Autumn. 

The city will have its first encounter with Ballet and Musical Theatre as students including tiny tots trained by the internationally reputed pair of Camille Vandeweghe Sahay and Ashwin Sahay wiil spin a web of fantasy at the Kudy Mahanty Auditorium in JUSCO School at Kadma on Saturday, April 22 from 7 pm. 

Camille and Ashwin, fresh from their European tour where they gave several opera presentations including at the address of opera and ballet connoisseurs, Paris, the Sahay couple will now take the lid off their magical box of ballet and musical theatre extravaganza at the Kudy Mahanty Auditorium on Saturday, April 22.     

The students trained by Camille Vandeweghe Sahay will exhibit their enchanting dancing skills that have mesmerized audiences at various other centres they have performed at.

To sustain the adrenaline flow, the ballet will be followed by a bouquet of musical theatre themed on excerpts from nonagenarian English classics like Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Romeo & Juliet, Oliver and The King & I.The musical pieces selected for the theatrical presentations are from the compositions of masters like Tchaikovsky, Hammerstein, Schönberg and Elton John.

Visiting Stars

To add to the glitter of a star studded dreamland sky in the Kudy Mahanty Auditorium at Kadma JUSCO School, there will be the Kolkata String Quartet, the student choir from the Irvine Adventist School, Ghatsila, and guest soloists18 year old Tamara Nairfrom Coimbatore, Namrata Junejaand Prabhat Chandola, both from Delhi.

Tamara is Camille’s oldest student in India. She has been training with her since the past four years and has secured a distinction for Pop in her Trinity School of Music, London and is deeply interested in musical theatre as well.

Namrata Juneja who goes by the name of Nina Juneon stage and screenis a graduate in Musical Theatre from theGoldsmiths’ College at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. 

 Prabhat Chandola is basically a self taught and trained opera singer and has performed in several Opera productions in Delhi, Mumbai and abroad while collecting basket loads of kudos for his polished performances. Prabhat continues to sing in his church at Delhi. The programme is being organised byCamille and Ashwin Sahay in association with the ‘Symphony School of Music’based atTheBoulevard Hotel in Jamshedpur. The sahay family and Aspi Madon are providing their valuable support in hosting this magical, musical dream spinning ‘Ballet and Musical Theatre’ at the Kudy Mahanty Auditorium in Kudy Mahanty Auditorium at Kadma JUSCO School on Saturday, April 22 at 7 pm.

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