5 Great Exercises to Strengthen Your Feet
Why do you need to do workouts for the feet?....
Well, the muscles in the feet make up for a quarter of the muscles in the entire human body. So overlooking the condition of these muscles will be like not taking care of a large portion of your muscles. It is also vital for dancers to have strong feet in order to hold themselves properly on pointe.

1. Toe Abduction

Toe Abduction

This exercise will really focus on those tiny muscles and tendons on the top of your foot.

2. Stretching Feet with Resistance

Stretching Feet with Resistance

This is great for increasing your range of motion and strengthening your ankles.

3. Ankle Eversion

Ankle Eversion

This is important to strengthen the outer foot muscles, going all the up to your knee.

4. Rises


Placing a tennis ball or anything stable and the right size between your ankles, will help align your feet.

5. Stretching in class!!!

Stretching in class!!!

While working hard outside of class is very important, the best strengthening exercises are actually performed in class, doing simple exercises like tendu.

6. Visual of the Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons in the Foot

Visual of  the Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons in the Foot

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