Bolshoi Ballet - Top Male Principal Dancers
The internationally renowned classical ballet company, the Bolshoi Ballet, has produced some of the world’s most exquisite ballet dancers over the years. Here are video Bolshoi Ballet's male principal dancers for the past 10 years.
List of Principals & dance excerpts:

• Semyon Chudin - Etudes/Sleeping Beauty 

• Vladislav Lantratov - Don Quixote/Crassus (Spartacus) 

• Mikhail Lobukhin - Talisman/Don Quixote

• Vyacheslav Lopatin - Pas D’Esclave (Le Corsaire)/Coppelia 

• Artem Ovcharenko - Esmeralda/Nutcracker 

• Denis Rodkin - Swan Lake/Paquita

• Ruslan Skvortsov - Raymonda/The Golden Age 

• Alexander Volchkov - Esmeralda/La Bayadere 

At the end is Ivan Vasiliev, ex-Bolshoi Principal, now world star based in Saint Petersburg performing Diana & Acteon & Flames of Paris variations & lastly, are dance scenes from Sleeping Beauty & La Bayadere of former Bolshoi star, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, now head of the Vaganova Academy

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