Order Some Avocado Toast And We'll Tell You Which Style Of Dance You Are
I'm sure you're dying to avocad-know.

Order Some Avocado Toast And We'll Tell You Which Style Of Dance You Are

  1. You got: Ballet
    You enjoy simplicity and elegance in any form you can find it. Classic lines and basic flavors are your jam. Because of this, you might rarely take chances, leading to missed experiences. But never fear, you are by far the most put together of all your friends!
  2. You got: Contemporary
    For the most part you're pretty basic and low-key. But, every once in a while you make interesting choices that lead to ~questionable~ results. Don't worry though, this just means you're a trendsetter!
  3. You got: Jazz
    You're many different things thrown together, and sometimes, it works. Some of your decisions are normal-ish, but you also get considerably wild quite often. However because of these things, you're also probably the life of the party, and people naturally flock to you!
  4. You got: Hip-Hop
    You value the things in life that are hard-hitting, and you live an aggressive lifestyle. Sometimes your actions may lead to unintended consequences, but at least you'll never regret not having done something!
  5. You got: Tap
    Some people may say you're a lot to handle, and they're probably right. But, all they're really saying is that you're unique. Own your eccentricities, and be your true self!
  6. You got: Ballroom
    Your elegance and perfection is undeniable. However, you can be pretty indecisive and need a partner to help get you through life. Some may call you uptight and boring, but when it counts, you really know how to bring the heat!

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