New Ballet School in Los Angeles
The Vaganova Method, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and artistic development to reach their highest potential and enrich their lives through dance.

The Grand Academy has developed a unique and effective training model using the Vaganova Method with different stages of development to properly build and grow a professional dancer.  Our program starts with Junior Ballet for entry-level students, progressing to our Year-Round Vaganova Preparation for ballet development, and commencing to the Vaganova Ballet Syllabus which is limited to the top 12 students in each level.

  • Junior Ballet (Entry Level Students | Age 3-15)
  • Vaganova Prep (Intermediate to Advanced Levels | Age 5-15)
  • Vaganova Ballet Syllabus (Professional Students | Age 10-18)

This training approach allows us to properly focus on the individual dancer to develop a strong foundation and build and expand the correct ballet placement.  Entry levels focus on ballet basics, Vaganova Preparation focus on ballet skills, and the Vaganova Training on ballet mastery to prepare the student for a professional carrier.

We have assembled an exclusive team of Russian Vaganova Trained teachers that commit to upholding the highest standards of ballet, preserving the traditions of Vaganova through a systematic approach, based on the culture and curriculum of the Vaganova method.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of professional dance education in a safe and nurturing environment. Committing to guide every single dancer to their fullest artistic and technical potential.

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