The Stars of Georgian National Ballet by Potskhishvili
Potskhishvili National Ballet was founded in the seventies of the 20th century, 1978. The founder of the ensemble is Honoured Artist of Georgian Art, the owner of the Award of Honour and Brilliance, choreographer: Gelodi Potskhishvili.

From 1978 till 2014 the old name of the ensemble was Potskhishvili National Ballet ‘Metekhi’ which went on tours on all continents. There is not left any famous theatre where the ensemble did not have solo concerts.

In 2015, after the concert dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the ensemble, before Tbilisi Phylarmonic Hall, where there is the alley of stars of world famous Georgian artists, the 54th star was installed and this honourable star was granted to Potskhishvili National Ballet ‘Metekhi’ by the Georgian people. At this jubilee concert the rebranding of the name and direction of the ensemble took place and a new name was given: The Stars of Georgian National Ballet By Potskhishvili.

The name, The Stars of Georgian National Ballet By Potskhishvili, is the reason of our wider development in the 21st century. The earth has increased the speed and our choreographic dynasty has to develop the old folklore and give it new rate, emotion, sound, movement, reaction, choreography and etc. Our aim is to give a new breath to Georgian National Choreography so that not to lose the old dynamism and emotion. Because of that, we have improved and made old, classical folklore more dynamic. Our concert solo ‘Show’ has been transformed … Transformation is very important in every epoch and sphere, especially in choreography. What The Stars of Georgian National Ballet by Potskhishvili offers the world is very trendy: 19 choreographic novellas, about 40 different musical compositions, innumerable movements, motions. Dances on the knees, with daggers, swords, on the toes, with drums and other incredible episodes or moments…

In 1990 The Stars of Georgian National Ballet had a 3-month tour in the USA where our dancers performed more than 150 solo concerts. It turned out that American pop star Michael Jackson watched the concert held at Philadelphia Stadium which was broadcast live by American leading TV channels. In a few days he stated: “It is wonderful. I am amazed by the dances on the knees, toes and with daggers. I want to include several movements in my repertoire.” And he fulfilled it. In one of his clips Michael Jackson makes two turns and the hand movement of Georgian dance, then falls on the knees like Georgian dancers.

Since 1978 The Stars of Georgian National Ballet took part in gala concerts with such world stars as: Vince Montana, Sheri, Barry White, Celia Cruz, Howie Mandel, Tito Puante, Rudolf Nuriev, Jay Leno, Rio, Bolshoi, Marinski Theatre, Richard Galliano, Joaquín Cortés and others …

The Potskhishvili family is a Georgian family where everybody dances. It is more than a tradition. “Choreographic dynasty” - it is called so …

Today, the artistic director of the ensemble is Gelodi Potskhishvili’s son: honoured artist, honourable academician of the National Academy, the owner of the Award of Honour and Brilliance, David Potskhishvili. Repetitor-choreographer: David Potskhishvili’s wife, soloist of the ensemble, Nino Kartvelishvili.

At the present moment, “The Stars of Georgian National Ballet“ company is supervised by the second generation of the Potskhishvili family.

Artistic director: David Potskhishvili

Artistic director: David Potskhishvili

Gelodi Potskhishvili And Ruolf Nuriev -After the concert USA.

Gelodi Potskhishvili And Ruolf Nuriev -After the concert USA.

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