The Royal Ballet School’s new digital intensive courses available worldwide
The Royal Ballet School's new On Demand platform makes the School’s world-class teaching available to all dance students, wherever they are, for the

The Royal Ballet School‘s new On Demand platform makes the School’s world-class teaching available to all dance students, wherever they are, for the very first time.

The School has extensively developed their digital capability over the last 12 months to enable them to reach a wider global audience. Earlier this year, they launched their ground-breaking Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme for the recreational dance sector, and Primary Steps on Demand, an innovative online programme for primary schools. With Intensive Courses on Demand, the School firmly establishes itself as a high-quality provider in the digital space.

The first group of classes, for 11-13-year-olds, will be available to purchase here from 28 October.

Classes for 14-15-year-olds will be available from December, with more content being rolled out over the coming months.

Classes are low-cost, from as little as £10 per class, and the user has lifetime ownership.

About Intensive Courses on Demand

The Royal Ballet School’s Intensive Courses on Demand will deliver a range of online classes, available to purchase individually or as specially-curated Intensive Courses. The classes are tailored to developmental age groups: 11-13-year-olds, 14-15-year-olds and 16+, mirroring the School’s full-time training programme.

Classes will be taught by expert Royal Ballet School teachers, including the School’s Artistic Director, current Artistic faculty and esteemed guest teachers. They will include classical ballet classes, focus classes on specific elements of classical technique, character and contemporary classes, body conditioning and Pilates, giving students a unique insight into the range and quality of the exceptional training delivered at The Royal Ballet School. There will also be interviews and informational talks with the School’s Artistic and Healthcare teams.

The on Demand programme is completely flexible. Classes can be viewed on any device and used wherever students are in the world; all exercises have been carefully designed to be executed in a smaller space than a ballet studio and without specialist equipment, so are perfect for home use. 

The School’s Head of Training and Access, Mark Annear, said:

“The Royal Ballet School is committed to working to widen access to our unique expertise and exceptional training, for example through our comprehensive international auditions and Intensive Courses programmes. With Intensive Courses on Demand, we are delighted we can now reach even more dance students globally with an opportunity to access high-quality dance education and experience what it’s like to attend one of the leading ballet Schools in the world.”

For more information: The Royal Ballet School

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