“Bisous!”: The most memorable kisses in ballet
A kiss is perhaps the most wonderful form of expressing your love for a loved one. We want to share with you the most remarkable ballet kisses, which we remembered not only for our emotionality but without which the drama and choreography of the performances would be incomplete.
by Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre

1. Свадебка / Les Noces

“Wedding”, choreography by Jiri Kilian, production of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater (kiss - 00:07)

2. LE PARC: pdd (act 3) abandon (Laurent Hilaire & Isabelle Guérin)

“Le Parc”, choreography by Angelin Preljocaj, production of Opera de Paris (kiss - 05:15)

3. "La Belle" fait peau neuve au Grimaldi Forum

La Belle, choreography by Jean-Christophe Mayot, staged by Ballets de Monte-Carlo (kiss - 02:00)

4. ROBERTO BOLLE and Polina Semionova ~ Carmen Pas de Deux

Carmen, choreography by Roland Petit, staged by Teatro alla Scala (kiss - 12:15)

5. Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet balcony scene (Macmillan)

Romeo and Juliet, choreography by Sir Kenneth MacMillan, production of Teatro alla Scala (kiss - 08:30)

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