Top 10 Favourite Male Ballet Dancers
This video is showing our top 10 favorite male ballet dancers. This is my opinion and in no way am we saying that some are better than others depending on ranking. Make sure to leave a like, subscribe and make some suggestions in the comment section down below :)

0:00 Leonid Sarafanov 

0:52 David Hallberg

1:49 Stéphane Bullion

4:30 Vadim Muntagirov

5:24 Steven Mcrae

6:10 Vladislav Lantratov

7:18 Roberto Bolle

08:19 Ivan Vasiliev

09:44 Yury Vasyuchenko

10:40 Sergei Polunin

Our favorite Semyon Chudin

Our favorite "Sleeping Beauty" Act 3 2017 Semyon Chudin

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