Share your memory of Hamer Hall to celebrate its 40th anniversary year
Arts Centre Melbourne is asking for the community to share their memories of Hamer Hall to celebrate its 40th year.

Arts Centre Melbourne is asking for members of the community to share their remarkable experiences and treasured memories of Hamer Hall to celebrate its 40th year.

To mark this milestone, Arts Centre Melbourne will unearth stories of Hamer Hall (originally called the Melbourne Concert Hall) and spotlight interviews with those who have had unique connections to the venue – from those that built its memorable walls, to performers on its stage, and audience members who delight in the performances year after year.

The first interview, recently released, features Vicki Fairfax, whose late husband George Fairfax AM was the first General Manager of Arts Centre Melbourne (then known as the Victorian Arts Centre), and who is also the author of the history book, A Place Across the River.

Community members are invited to share their special memories of Hamer Hall via the Arts Centre Melbourne website.

In November 1982, the Melbourne Concert Hall (later Hamer Hall) opened its doors for the first time. It quickly became the premier venue for musical performance in Victoria and has continued to provide cultural and memorable performances, events and moments for the community.

“With its long and memorable history, Hamer Hall holds great meaning for so many, and every story is unique. We welcome all stories, no matter how small or great, and I can’t wait to hear more about what this historic venue means to our community,’’ said Arts Centre Melbourne CEO Karen Quinlan AM.

Community members can share their fondest memory or interesting story of Hamer Hall here.

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