Kyiv City Ballet make final U.S. tour stop in Minneapolis -
Minneapolis was the final stop on the 15 city U.S. tour.

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MINNEAPOLIS — Thousands packed the Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota Wednesday night, to welcome the Kyiv City Ballet to Minnesota. 

Many of the ballet's members have been overwhelmed by the support they've received which is reaching many around the world.

It's been eight long months for members of the ballet who started their international tour on February 23rd, the day before Russia invaded Ukraine. 

Since then, their entire performance has been centered around promoting peace and resilience, with dance being a huge part of the identity and heritage of Ukrainian culture.   

The ballet's artistic director Ivan Kozlov says many of these dancers are finding strength in sharing their art with the world, while also being able to work and support their families back home. 

"It's motivating more, it's helped us to work harder, its helped us to feel passion harder, it's helping to believe in good and helping to believe in love and peace, the good will always fight the evil," said Kozlov. 

Many of the dancers are as young as 18 years old and Kozlov says they are in touch with their families and friends everyday back home.

Minneapolis was the final stop on the 15 city U.S. tour. 

Proceeds from the tour will support the dancers and their families and donations are also being made to support Operation White Stork

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